How to Sell What You Make: 3 Days With Me–FREE

Join me for The Art of Selling What You Make – FREE on creativeLIVE from tara gentile on Vimeo.

On October 18-20, I’m teaching a workshop for creativeLIVE on the Art of Selling What You Make. I’m offering my Customer Perspective Process, plus teaching the psychology of value, pricing, value(s)-driven marketing, and sales all in high-def, all FREE when you watch live.

You’ll learn how to connect more with customers, how to make a bigger impact in their lives, and how to charge more for what you create. Click to spread the word!

This workshop is geared toward makers, artists, and designers but service-providers will get a ton of practical value from what I’m sharing, too.

Click here to enroll–FREE–or order the recordings in advance to grab a discount.

And, I’m looking for 6 audience members to join me in studio. Click here to apply.

What would you do with 15 minutes of fame (or more)? Free Training Call

What would you do with 15 minutes or more of fame?

Many business owners are waiting for their big break, that one press mention or hand up that takes their product to a whole new market. I’ve written before on how this is not a great strategy.

Essentially, for those waiting on 15 minutes of fame to take the steps that will make their businesses work, the answer to the question above is “Nothing.”

Your business and it’s operations have to be prepared for the surge of interest & the rush of potential customers before it happens.

That’s why I’m thrilled to let you know that I cornered my good friend Brigitte Lyons, a masterful media strategist for microbusinesses, and asked her to shed some light on what a business needs to have in place to truly take advantage of publicity when it comes.

It’s FREE. And it’s tomorrow. You’ll get the recording if you register.

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Profit, Productivity, Clarity: FREE 3-Day Event Starts TONIGHT!

So many of the lessons we need to learn are the same, even when our businesses couldn’t be more different. The clarity & point-a-to-point-be connection that comes from working on the fine details of a business are transformative.

As an insider to many of the businesses you see dotting the solo entrepreneurship horizon, I have the pleasure of seeing these things firsthand. Even as I’m coaching & guiding, I’m learning & growing.

Not everyone has that access or opportunity.

Until now.

Join me for 3+ hours of intense insight for 9 different businesses. I will break these businesses wide open. I will sort the pieces and recombine them with ruthless love, intuition, and market knowledge. Emphasis on process, high probability of revelation.

The businesses I’ll be dissecting range from life coaching to design to media to writing. I purposefully selected these to demonstrate lessons and provide variety.

Here are the details:

  • Monday, May 21 – 8pm Eastern
  • Tuesday, May 22 – 3pm Eastern
  • Wednesday, May 23 – 8pm Eastern

Call in:

Sessions will be recorded, but you need to be a blog subscriber to grab the recordings.

PS I have six copies of The $100 Startup to give away to listeners who ask a question at the end of the call – 2 books will be given away each call.

PPS Quick piece of advice: no matter the business I’m working with, assume there’s something there for you to learn. Open yourself to the possibility of clarity & connection no matter the product, service, or business model. There’s always something to grab.

3 Opportunities to Catch Me Speak – virtually! – Next Week

Ever wish you could come to a session of mine at a conference? Now you can. Three times. In your pajamas. For free.

BlogcastFM – A Handmade Evening

Monday, May 14 at 9pm Eastern

Sure, this event is jam-packed with stars from the maker blog community. But I dare you to not grab some big takeaways for whatever kind of business you run. I’ll be talking about running your blog like a business. If you are any kind of “idea” person, you’ll find this enlightening.

BlogCastFM is the preeminent talk show for bloggers of all types. Srini, the host & co-founder, has been called the Larry King of the blogosphere.

Click here to learn more!

The Art of Pricing for Profit

Tuesday, May 15 at 7pm Eastern

Megan & I deliver quite a one-two punch. First, I’ll be tackling the psychology & philosophy of earning more and charging more. Next, Megan will give the specifics on creating a pricing strategy that works for you. It’s geared to those with physical products but, again, this is going to be packed with aha! moments for anyone.

This all goes down at the Etsy Labs. You can watch it at the Virtual Labs.

Click here for more info!

WE Mastermind Training on Profitable Passion Businesses

Thursday, May 17 at 8pm Eastern

WE MastermindWhat does it really take to translate a passion into a profitable business? Where do you start? And, most importantly, how do you take a nascent business and turn it into a legacy? Natalie and Natalie know. And I’m so thrilled to connect them & their brainchild, WE Mastermind, to you.

Click here for more info!

“Go beyond the ‘see what will happen’ phase…” The winner of the Art of Earning LIVE giveaway!

Congratulations to Carla Smyrl of Crown Bindery! Carla will be venturing to Philadelphia to attend The Art of Earning LIVE courtesy of Tara Mohr & Playing Big.

In 2012, I want to transition into a business plan that is less taxing for me personally in production and fulfillment. I want to dream more, design more, empower others more.
— Carla, Crown Bindery

Are you still in the “see what will happen” phase? Are you ready to move into the in control & in demand phase of your business?

Get locked in. Join me at The Art of Earning LIVE. Registration closes February 6.