Ever wish you could come to a session of mine at a conference? Now you can. Three times. In your pajamas. For free.

BlogcastFM – A Handmade Evening

Monday, May 14 at 9pm Eastern

Sure, this event is jam-packed with stars from the maker blog community. But I dare you to not grab some big takeaways for whatever kind of business you run. I’ll be talking about running your blog like a business. If you are any kind of “idea” person, you’ll find this enlightening.

BlogCastFM is the preeminent talk show for bloggers of all types. Srini, the host & co-founder, has been called the Larry King of the blogosphere.

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The Art of Pricing for Profit

Tuesday, May 15 at 7pm Eastern

Megan & I deliver quite a one-two punch. First, I’ll be tackling the psychology & philosophy of earning more and charging more. Next, Megan will give the specifics on creating a pricing strategy that works for you. It’s geared to those with physical products but, again, this is going to be packed with aha! moments for anyone.

This all goes down at the Etsy Labs. You can watch it at the Virtual Labs.

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WE Mastermind Training on Profitable Passion Businesses

Thursday, May 17 at 8pm Eastern

WE MastermindWhat does it really take to translate a passion into a profitable business? Where do you start? And, most importantly, how do you take a nascent business and turn it into a legacy? Natalie and Natalie know. And I’m so thrilled to connect them & their brainchild, WE Mastermind, to you.

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