I’m beyond excited to tell you that I’ll be leading a workshop at the Etsy labs on April 19 at 7pm EDT.

If you can’t make it to Brooklyn, no problem, you can join me live online. Pretty cool, huh?

My mom’s story, from Etsy’s blog:

When I was a kid, my mom woke up regularly between 3 and 4 a.m. She got up, made coffee, and sat in front of her sewing machine. She sewed and sewed until it was time to make breakfast, ask my brother and me how we slept, and see us off to the bus stop.

Then she would sew more.

My mom had to provide for two children: feeding us, putting a roof over our heads, sending us to countless summer camps. She did it all on the income she brought in with that sewing machine. When faced with a daunting, near impossible task, she didn’t balk.

She simply asked, “Can it be done?” Every day, she answered, “Yes.”

I have built my business on the same question. Constantly asking and reasking, reframing the challenge to move myself and my goals forward. I must thank Mark Frauenfelder, of MAKE magazine, for posing the can-it-be-done question in his book, Made by Hand. He applied it to the almost inexplicable drive to create, to DIY.

When you’re your own boss, it’s up to you to seek out challenges, to do terrifying things, and to get comfortable with failure. Building your business so that it’s sustainable, profitable, and rewarding is the ultimate challenge.

In my Dare of DIY workshop, we’ll discuss what it means to challenge yourself, why we thrive on personal challenge, and how you can dissect your problems and liabilities into challenges that push you forward. Instead of focusing on the difficulties of building a business, attendees will tap into their DIY ethic to create exciting ideas and opportunities for their business by asking: can it be done? There is no right answer or correct methodology, only the unique answers we each have to share.

Attendees will leave the workshop with a fresh approach and positive outlook on their growing businesses. Please join me!

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