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We all spend too much time working on our businesses. When was the last time your business worked on you?

I’ve spent the last two years turning my pursuit into a business that does just that. It takes care of me. Inspires me. Motivates me.

There’s give & take.

What would it take for your business to take care of you?

More money? Less time? More honest communication? Less promotion? More passion? Less crap?

You’re Invited

Today, I’m opening registration for The Art of Earning LIVE. This event has been many, many months in the planning. I couldn’t be more thrilled to announce it to you.

The goal of this event is “self-care for your business.” When you nurture what you’ve got, it takes better care of you. You know your body needs good food, plenty of exercise, quiet time, and periods of rest. So does your business.

This intentional, intensive, and intimate business event is all those things for your business.

How would things be different if your business inspired you, created more wealth, served all the right people, and allowed you the freedom you need to truly express yourself?

Click here to find out more and register!