Perhaps you’ve heard it said before, “Sell them what they want. Give them what they need.” And maybe you didn’t quite know what that meant. Or, worse, maybe you thought that sounded a little slimy.

Here’s what I know about you:

You’re extremely good at what you do. Like woah. You work from a place of mastery, mastery that is constantly evolving, growing, and chasing your curiosity. The clients you work with are blown away by the results you achieve for them. The customers who purchase your work are floored by its quality.

And you’re ready for more.

It’s a been a select few who have actually bought. Where are the teeming masses clamoring for your genius?

I’ll tell you: it requires a bit of a bait & switch. It’s a bait & switch, though, that’s in everyone’s best interests. When you know exactly who your customer is, what she’s thinking, and why she’s looking to buy, you can present an offer that resonates with her–and 1000s like her–for the purpose of giving her the value she really needs.

The goal is to frame your offer in a way that helps her to realize that her goals are possible. Your next goal is to help her reach those goals in the best way you know how.

That’s why you need to operate from both your expert’s perspective and from your customer’s perspective. It’s a dance. Combining the two allows your client to experience the most value–transformation, knowledge, success, fun–possible.

So what are your clients really looking for?

What are your customers truly trying to accomplish?

How do they feel? What are they thinking? How do they talk about their frustrations with their friends?

These are they keys to massive market impact. These are the keys to scale.

If exercising your genius is what you want to be doing, if that’s the key to massive success for your clients, unlocking this information is the key to doing just that for as many people as possible.

The Customer Perspective Process guides you through unlocking this information. After completing the process, you will know how to:

  • Identify opportunities based on your customers’ needs & desires in a way that leads to massive impact
  • Evaluate your marketing, sales copy, and offers from your customers’ point of view to ensure success
  • Communicate in a way that allows your message to spread rapidly and easily
  • Apply your learning to content strategy, strategic partnerships, and your business model to create sustainable business growth
  • Learn more about The Customer Perspective Process boot camp: click here.