letterpress thank you card by paisley dog press, fleetwood, paPeople thank me for making things easy. Which is a surprisingly difficult thing to do for yourself.

It’s easy to know what you love and what you’re good at. It’s quite another to accept that the easy way really is the right way. Even more difficult to embrace it.

People thank me for dreaming the big dreams. No matter how brave we are, we have a tendency to censor our own dreams.

But when you see someone (me!) say, “I’m going to make it happen.” You feel a little better about upping your goal just one more notch, a little steadier in pushing yourself one inch farther. Permission granted.

People thank me for making them think. Is this my numbero uno goal in life? It just might be.

Dyana Valentine asked me last week, “What do you want more of in the world?” The question had stumped me previously. But I blurted out, “I want more people to think about everything.” And I want less people to take things at face value, accept what they’ve been told. Blind faith has it’s place but experience rules my roost.

Taking the easy road, dreaming big dreams, and relentlessly thinking for myself is my code of conduct. Some would find these qualities contradictory. Crazy. I find them calm & collected.

It’s my journey & I choose to take this road.

Of course, my particular road map is not the one everyone wants to follow. I like it that way. My street is not crowded. But I don’t walk alone.

What do people thank me for? They thank me for being me and helping them to be more of who they already are.

Thank you Danielle LaPorte, Marie Forleo, and Selling Your Soul for the prompt. You have already prompted me to do big things.

{letterpress thank you cards by Paisley Dog Press}