Stop waiting for people to come to you.

That’s the #1 thing you should change.

I didn’t even make you wait for the big pay off. That’s how important this is. I want you to repeat this to yourself over and over again until it sinks in:

Stop waiting for people to come to you.


The problem here is that there is one fundamental misconception about social media and content marketing that all not-quite-really-successful business owners suffer from:

The misconception is that all this content you’re creating and those connections you’re making will make people bang down your door to buy things from you.

Sure, every so often that happens.

But more often, I hear stories of people with big platforms and almost zero revenue. Or, I hear stories from people who are diligently keeping up with every social media platform and still not seeing any returns. Or, I hear stories from bloggers who write and write and write and don’t make sales.

It’s a waiting game. And it’s not very much fun to play.

Business owners that succeed go out and find the right people: the right customers, the right clients, the right influencers, the right partners.

It’s not a mindless hustle. It’s a thoughtful, intentional quest for influence, impact, and income.

Have you been waiting for your turn at success?

Maybe you keep writing blog posts and distributing them to your audience, but you never give your calls to action the main stage treatment they deserve.

Maybe you diligently respond to mentions on social media but never approach the people you’ve connected with to connect them to an offer you’re making.

Maybe you retweet, share, or quote your favorite influencers hoping they’ll notice you but never send them a note and say thanks for what they do.

Today, do 1 of these three things:

1) Send out an email to your audience and ask for the sale. That’s it. Ask them to coach with you, buy from your shop, invest in one of your programs. Tell them how their lives will be different because of it—and then ask.

2) Make a list of 10 people you’ve connected with on social media (or during in-person networking) that you’d like to work with. Write a quick, personal note to them inviting them to work with you.

3) Send an email to an influencer you admire and say thanks. Seek out their email address—but if you can’t find it, don’t let a contact form or general support email stop you. Send it—I would bet money your influencer gets it.

I’ll be writing more about how to plan to change your business to get more of the results you’re looking for next year. In the meantime, check out these posts if you missed them:
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