Great Work is a Process Not an Epiphany | FREE Event


Join Tara Gentile & Amanda Farough for a discussion on the path to growth & success in entrepreneurship.

Tara Gentile & Amanda FaroughDoes “slow” growth prompt you to think there’s something wrong with your business (or worse yet, yourself)? Do you wonder how others seem to catapult to success overnight?

Creating stick-to-your-ribs value takes time.
Moreover, it takes commitment to evolution and iteration, as well as deep self-trust.

It also takes a plan and careful analysis of your market, yourself, and your goals for business.

Tara Gentile and Amanda Farough relish their experience of growth as evolution. Their great work is emerging through process, not epiphany. Though their brands are well-respected and widely recognized, you won’t see them extolling the virtues of explosive growth.

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Monday, May 13 at 5pm Pacific/8pm Eastern

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Tara Gentile is a business strategist and recovering religious studies major. She works with New Economy entrepreneurs to craft sustainable, social businesses. She’s been featured in US News & World Report, DailyWorth, Design*Sponge, Etsy, and the New York Times bestselling book, The $100 Startup.

Amanda Farough is the founder & creative director of violetminded Media, a digital artisan collective, specializing in create elegant online spaces for businesses that are as invested in co-creation, collaboration, and community as they are.