Value(s)-Driven Marketing | Fall Workshops

Know your operating principles. Learn how the principles that guide your life inspire marketing that is true-to-you and irresistible to your right customers.

Commerce today has never been more accessible; new coaches, yoga teachers, designers, writers, bakers, and candlestick makers throw their hat in the ring every day. That means that the marketplace has never had more options for consumers.

Have you been left wondering, “How do I stand out in the crowd?

Your goal isn’t to sell to everyone. Your goal is to communicate the value you provide and the values that guide you so that your ideal customers can’t imagine buying elsewhere.

“You are the eye in the swirling vertex of madness”
– Amanda Farough, founder of Violet Minded Design

Caught Tara Gentile at #WISE2012 this morning – one of the best sessions in the 10 years I’ve been going.
– Julie Briggs, Red Shoes Marketing

Discover how to weave your value & your values into product development and promotion. Profit & purpose come together at the point where the value you deliver and the values you align with meet.

You’ll leave with a set of personal operating principles AND knowing:

  • how to communicate your value in ways your customers can buy into
  • how to create a consistent brand around your values
  • how to navigate the product development process with integrity

“…within just 30 minutes of speaking with her I had an arsenal of actionable ideas
that would double my income.”- Jenny Blake, author of Life After College

This workshop combines teaching and “hot seating” participants. You’ll see how these concepts apply to the businesses represented right in the room. And maybe even find yourself in the hot seat!

Join me for this interactive workshop on your own or save big when you invite 2 friends.

Berkeley, CA

When: November 8 6pm-9pm
Hosted by: Teahouse Studio
Class size: up to 20

Eventbrite - Value(s)-Driven Marketing in San Francisco at Teahouse Studio

“Tara is clarity in action and you want that clarity.”
– Jennifer Louden, bestselling author of the Comfort Queen books

My brain fizzled and popped like a not-so-expired alka seltzer with all the advice and brainstorming
that went on at the Art of Earning LIVE. There was not a minute that went by
where one of us didn’t have an Aha! moment. – Megan Eckman, artist at StudioMME

Want to bring this interactive workshop to your venue? Email us at general AT taragentile DOT com.

Tara Gentile is a business strategist for entrepreneurs making a difference through commerce in the You Economy. She’s also the co-founder & Lab Director of Kick Start Labs, a microbusiness accelerator that teaches sound business principles through experimentation. No MBA required.