52 Weeks of Blogging

52 weeks of blogging your passion - cover52 Weeks of Blogging Your Passion is my ebook on journaling your creative journey, promoting your indie biz, and keeping your sanity while blogging.

    If you’ve ever wondered how great bloggers come up with post ideas day after day…

    If you’d rather spend time in the studio than time in front of the computer…

    If you want to market your business, build search engine traffic, and create loyal readers & customers, while journaling your inspiration, craft, and creative process…

52 Weeks of Blogging is available for $15 and payment can be made quickly & easily via PayPal, with or without an account. A link to download the ebook will be automatically emailed to you shortly after payment is completed. Click “Add to Cart” below to purchase.
52 Weeks of Blogging Your Passion is for crafters, artists, and designers who have been blogging for a bit but aren’t getting the results they’d like and often feel a bit lost with the process.

In 2009 alone, I wrote over 700 blog posts! I certainly can’t promise that you’ll be able to quit your day job or that blogging will suddenly become effortless, but I can help you blog more confidently and with greater purpose. Included in the ebook is 10 pages of plain-English information on crafting a mission statement, search engine optimization, engaging readers, and organizing your blog.

Then, to give you the most direction for blogging your way through the next year, I’ve written 1 prompt for each of your 52 weeks of blogging, along with multiple ideas for interpreting each topic. There’s also a planning calendar (pages 30-41) you can print out to jot down ideas as they come to you!


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Blogging with intention to build community & reader engagement.

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What an exciting book! With a completely invigorating writing style, Tara makes navigating the world of getting noticed on the internet understandable, and I’m ready to put her advice into action. I find myself completely inspired to rewrite MY mission statement this very minute. I can’t wait to implement her 52 weeks of suggestions and make my blog the best it can be!
–Candy Glendening, Candied Fabrics

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