redefining nonessential

My product is “nonessential.” People don’t really need it and it doesn’t solve anybody’s problems.

Everything is nonessential. And yet, everything is essential.

We walk out of big box stores everyday with things we don’t really need. Something is causing us to pull the trigger, hand over the cash. “Need” is in the eye of the beholder.

All I really need is a warm place to sleep, food in my tummy, and clean water to drink.

Yet, I need my morning latte. That’s Need with a capital N. Oh, and I need my afternoon latte too.

If you think of what you do and what you create as nonessential, it will be. But the truth of the matter is that, to your ideal customer, your product is as essential as the air she breathes. Or the latte she drinks. Either one.

If your picture of your ideal customer doesn’t include that detail, you need to redefine her.

“Essential” isn’t just about primary needs, it’s about they way someone feels, the way she interacts with you or your product, the way you rescue her from life’s minor crises. It’s up to you to position your product or service as essential. It’s up to you to find the people who can’t live without you. It’s up to you to stop making excuses about your product being nonessential or a luxury.

Redefine nonessential.

{ essential iphone photograph by mezuni }


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