Which story are you telling?

There are two stories to tell when communicating about your business. Neither are wrong, neither are right. The story you choose to concentrate on tells others quite a bit about why you do what you do and how you do it.

What are these two stories?

There’s a long-term story. And there’s a short-term story. Click to tweet!

Most online entrepreneurs are telling a short-term story. It’s the story that is focused on the present, on the growth of the business. It’s the story of immediate needs, quick fixes, and hype.

It’s based on perception. It’s works towards near-sighted objectives.

There’s a place for this story. It drives you to generate revenue now, to attract clients now. It keeps you motivated even when the going gets tough. It allows you to celebrate small wins – and celebrating is oh-so-important.

This isn’t a bad story to tell – especially when you’re telling it to yourself.

But there are those telling the long-term story. It’s the story focused on value, on the way forward, on the client relationship. It’s the story that produces movements, conversations, communities.

The long-term story creates collaborative goals. It’s the tide that lifts all the boats.

When money is tight, when resources seem scarce, the long-term story is the last thing you want to think about. The long-term story seems like a luxury.

But the long-term story is what your customers & clients are looking for. They want to know you’re here for the long haul. They want to know you’re as concerned with their needs as you are with your own. They want to feel care for, nurtured, understood.

The people attracted to the long-term story are the ones you want to work with. There the ones who want your best work. They’re the ones who pay what you’re worth and understand your value. They’re the ones that support you as an artist, thinker, creator.

Your customers believe in you because you give them a story to believe in.

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So what story are you telling? Does you website tell the long-term story or the short-term story? What story does your social media tell? What story does your person to person interaction tell?

What story are you telling?


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