what you wish you would have known when you graduated: the post-college survival kit by sarah von

Post College Survival Kit by Sarah VonAnd now for something completely different.

I have deep love for college students. And soon to be college students. And just graduated college students. And really anyone who feels like they are maybe sorta still a student and not quite a “grown up.”

Mostly because I still maybe sorta still feel like a student.

Stepping on a college campus is electrifying for me. The hum of the institution is pleasantly deafening.

I’ll make just about any excuse to go to a college. Note: if you happen to be a professor or administrator at an institution of higher education, let’s talk. I’d love to talk to your students about entrepreneurship, new media, and the value of creativity in the New Economy.

So when I heard that Sarah Von, of the blog Yes and Yes, had created a Post-College Survival Kit I wanted to get me some of that. I wanted to talk to her right away and find out if she loved college students as much as I do. She does.

Her course – which you can still get in on live, live, live – is geared towards recent grads or those in similar situations. But our interview is for everyone. The state of higher education and the preparation of the next generation is everyone’s concern.

Here’s what we talked about:

  • What assets do does a recent college grad have that most students don’t think about or leverage?
  • What did Sarah do right after graduating? What would she do differently?
  • What is the number one thing most college students are missing from their experience of the world?
  • What should college students concentrate on attaining for themselves? How should they be measuring their life-after-college experience?
  • What’s Sarah’s vision for the world’s youth as they grow up?
Listen below:

Or download here. (right click then save as…)