The Secret to Sales Copy that Actually Sells: Don’t Overthink This

So, you’ve got a new product or service launching in the new year. I imagine one of the tasks you’re dreading the most is actually writing the offer.

You can create a remarkable new product. But write sales copy? It’s like pulling teeth.

Here’s how you avoid the pseudo-painful task: you use fancy flourishes of speech and clever turns of phrase. You dangle big broad concepts in front of the people you want to serve. Then you quietly suggest their lives would in some small way be better for buying this product or that service.

All that beating around the proverbial bush means one thing: you have no idea why this product or service is really important to your Most Valued Customers.

Not true? Prove it.

  • What are your customers doing now to try to solve the problem they have that your product solves? How would that change if they used your product?
  • What kinds of things do they say to their friends or colleagues about what they really want?
  • How do your customers feel about the problem you’re trying to help with? What fears exist there? What secret desires?

There now, that wasn’t so hard. If you seriously answered those questions, using words your customers would actually use–not silly things like “speak my truth” or “create synergy through multiple verticals”–you’re well on your way to more effective sales copy.

It’s a simple exercise in Empathy.

Empathy is a stunning act of imaginative derring-do, the ultimate virtual reality – climbing into another’s mind to experience the world from that person’s perspective.
— Daniel Pink, A Whole New Mind

Will you put yourself in your customers’ shoes? Can you know what they’re thinking and feeling?

That, my friends, is the secret to sales copy that actually sells. No tricks. No techniques. Just being human.

Unfortunately, we all too often–myself included–try to put our smarty pants hat on and impress our potential clients with our knowledge. Not. Effective.

Our customers just want to be understood.

And they want solutions and services that speak to them where they’re at now and get them where they want to go.

Because I find the writing of sales pages such a joy (I’m not kidding!), I put together a training resource called the Sales Page Kick Start guide. It’s one of the many resources you’ll find inside Kick Start Labs.

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