Inventing a New Game: Interview with Philip Auerswald

Today’s Stories from the You Economy interview is with Philip Auerswald, author of The Coming Prosperity: How Entrepreneurs are Transforming the Global Economy.

I downloaded & started reading The Coming Prosperity the day it was released. In it, Auerswald investigates the way the old economic system is crumbling and how a number of factors – not the least of which is interconnectedness – are allowing people to rebuild a new system in its place. In this system, people who have never had access to commerce are making change and transforming global institutions.

In our interview, Auerswald uses an engaging metaphor: a chess game. In the old system, “there’s a set of structured opportunities & a clear hierarchy,” just as a chess game has a clear cut set of rules and roles.

People who are off the chess board and are spending all their time trying to get back on are going to feel frustration.

But what is happening now, economically speaking, is that the real game is happening off the chess board: What happens when you start playing with all the spare pieces? Make up your own rules?

What game will you invent with the chess pieces scattered around you?

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That’s a big challenge to the status quo, of course. And it’s a necessary part of the push & pull of an evolving society.

Want more? Thought so.

Listen below or click here to download this 20-minute interview. (right click then “save as”)


Find Philip Auerswald on his site or on Twitter. Grab The Coming Prosperity here.