Can your business bring love to scale?

Often, clients come to me because they’re ready to go beyond serving one customer at a time. They’re ready to take their ideas to a bigger stage and a broader reach. They’re ready to scale.

You might be there right now–or approaching that point–if you’re asking questions like:

  • Is the way I’m working right now really sustainable over time?
  • Isn’t there a way to get more “bang for my buck” when it comes to marketing & sales?
  • Where is the closest human clone machine?

Traditionally, scale has required making products or services less personal. You can’t clone yourself & your super personal service, so you scale back as you scale up.

First, what do I mean by scale? Simply, scale is serving as many customers as possible with as little effort on behalf of your business as possible. Serving a group of customers through scale means that your business has an impact on people who you wouldn’t have been able to reach otherwise.

What if scale didn’t have to be impersonal? What if scale was an extension of all the most human elements of your business?

Creating a business that scales leverages your gifts for the greatest good across the broadest channels.

I believe that most businesses require a level of premium, unleveraged work. It could take the form of commission art, couture dresses, one on one coaching, or corporate speaking engagements. But most of those same businesses require a level of leverage to take their impact to scale. The two sides of the equation can and do work hand-in-hand.

One informs the other, improving both.

Over the summer, I watched Danielle LaPorte work a room of eager, warm-hearted entrepreneurs. She opened with…

“Love scales.”

We were at World Domination Summit and it’s a beautiful example of how you can nurture relationships while leveraging your gifts & skills. Chris Guillebeau doesn’t have a relationship with each of the people who bought tickets – all within minutes of them going on sale. But, of course, many people feel like they have relationship with him.

More importantly, their connection to Chris makes connecting to the others at WDS much easier. It’s not the relationship with Chris that makes this event a success; it’s all the other relationships that are spawned by their implicit connection.

Yes, love scales at WDS. It scales at meet ups, conferences, and events. It scales at rock concerts, sidewalk sales, and yoga classes. Love even scales through ebooks, programs, and masterminds.

It’s the intention, process, and values that create the atmosphere that allows love to scale through a business. It’s not a business owner or her work with any individual client.

It’s a clear understanding of how one individual’s needs & desires are the fuel you need reach the masses. More on that next week.

The most powerful kind of scale happens when you make each & every customer feel like she’s one in a million, even when you’re serving thousands.

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What holds you back from leveraging your gifts & skills to create more wealth and impact more lives is thinking that your work can’t survive without you & your special attention to the client.

The thing is, you can duplicate your favorite clients. You can clone your best customers. You can leverage your love for these special people. You can know them better, discover their innermost thoughts & desires.

You can identify the patterns behind why they buy and when. You can design filters, campaigns, and events that attract & bind people who genuinely value what your business does.

And at the same time you can create work that fulfills their deep desires and answers their core needs.

When you leverage the love & scale your offers, you’re creating a big impact on the customers who are just right for your business.

And that ends up having a big impact on you.