You Economy Case Study: Beautiful You by Julie Parker

This week, I’m sharing case studies from participants in 10ThousandFeet. They’ll be highlighting small changes they made that resulted in big returns for their businesses.

julieparkerBeing a part of the 10ThousandFeet mastermind has entirely changed the way I see, approach and operate my business.

By stepping out of the day to day ‘trenches’ to take a larger and more reflective view of the type of business I really want to run, (and the life I want to go with it), I have been able to make an accumulation of small changes with big impact.

One of these changes is getting the most deeply clear I’ve ever been about the exact client I want to work with. And I’ve done those ‘ideal client’ exercises before! I learned that to really thrive in my business I need to be attracting not just who I can work with, but who I want to work with, and have the courage to turn down people who are not fully in that want space for me. Getting clear about just this one thing has seen me change my web copy, blog topics, newsletter and general approach to client attraction.

The result?

…a deep and growing waiting list of women who before we even start to work together, I know are going to bring as much inspiration to me as I hopefully will to them, and at a higher rate too, that is seeing me work less for more.

I have solid and exciting plans that are going to see Beautiful You have a larger scale impact, touching the lives of thousands more women in the next 2-5 years. My business is dramatically moving away from the ‘time-for-money’ business model that has previously made me feel trapped and over-worked.

10ThousandFeet has allowed me to soar above my business with a bigger, bolder and more beautiful approach to the business and life I want to live. The view from above feels and is amazing and I don’t plan to come back down into those trenches ever again.

Julie Parker
Life and Business Coach
Beautiful You