Why teaching rules the New Economy: a conversation with Jennifer Louden

Today’s conversation is with Jennifer Louden, a bestselling author, creator of the Savor & Serve project, and co-creator of TeachNow. Jen believes, as I do, that teaching – and businesses based on teaching – is an integral part of the You Economy.

Teaching really combines all three touch points of You Economy commerce. There’s the connection you create with fellow students & your teacher. Then there’s the experience you have of learning and having your new knowledge shift your worldview. And then there’s the deep meaning we associate with fresh wisdom.

Jen and I tackle these questions:

  • Why is teaching an integral part of the You Economy?
  • How is teaching as a business different than teaching in traditional schools?
  • What are the psychological barriers those who feel a calling to teach face?
  • What keeps teachers from earning what they’re worth?

If teaching is a part of your business model, I invite you to check out Jen’s free call on April 3 on dissolving the obstacles to teaching joyfully & effectively.