In the Lab: 10 Things You Can Experiment With in Your Business Today

I just got back from teaching at an intensive business event led by Ashley Sinclair. Sinclair packed every bit of info she could into a three-day business learning & planning extravaganza.

But Sinclair started off the event – and kept reminding participants throughout – that they were ready. They didn’t need to keep coming back for more & more & more. They needed to take their ideas and get jiggy with ’em.

Well, you know me. I just love me some experimenting. And sure, I love learning – love it! – but I didn’t build a successful business with an instruction manual. I built it with a just-crazy-enough-to-work attitude and a willingness to play.

I’m not alone:

If your idea of launching a business is to dive in and start trying stuff, then huzzah! A new study finds that one of an entrepreneur’s most important traits is having “practical intelligence,” or reliable common sense.
— Joanna L Krotz, Common Sense: The Key to Entrepreneurial Success?

So, for the love of using your noggin, I’m bringing you 10 quick ideas to experiment in your business TODAY.

  1. Survey your customers. Ask them what they need, not what they want from you.
  2. Brainstorm or design a new product – from scratch! Start with the outcome you want to achieve and then fill in the details in an outline. Know who would buy this & why. No need to make it perfect!
  3. Seize an opportunity. Odds are there’s an opportunity weighing on your mind that you are just not sure you’re ready for. Embrace it! Give it your best shot!
  4. Highlight a liability. You’ve been stressing about a particular shortcoming or liability in your business, trying to come up with a solution. Forget it! Tell everyone why that liability makes yours the best biz to work with.
  5. Throw out that service you hate. Selling something that just doesn’t feel good? Feels awful? Get rid of it. Know that you’ll be that much more passionate about the rest of your offerings.
  6. Email your list today. I know, it makes you nervous. Do it anyway. Make an offer.
  7. Say what’s on your mind. Don’t hold back in negotiations. And don’t hold back your best counsel from clients just because you’re a little unsure of yourself.
  8. Throw out the instruction manual. Your business is actually pretty resilient. Just get started on that thang you’ve been meaning to learn how to do!
  9. Love the details but don’t obsess over them. On your tenth review of the new logo? Get over it and love what’s nearly perfect.
  10. Change your prices. I know it’s been on your mind: try out that “if only” price and just see what happens!

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