Digital Commerce Trends: Interview with Brian Clark of Copyblogger & the Digital Commerce Institute

Digital Commerce Trends: Brian Clark on the Profit. Power. Pursuit Podcast

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If you don’t know the next Profit. Power. Pursuit. guest by name, you certainly know him by one of his many properties online. Brian Clark is the founder of Copyblogger, the CEO of Rainmaker Digital, the host of Unemployable, and many, many other things.

While I have learned gobs from the mountain of content that Brian has produced over the years, I learned the most by watching how he makes decisions, stays ahead of new trends, and evolves the vision of his company. That’s why I was so excited to sit down and grill him on those exact topics.

In the time since Brian started doing business online, the commercial landscape of blogging, content marketing, and information products has changed to a point that’s almost unrecognizable from when he began. Brian’s seen the age of the blogger, the rise of the content marketer, the reign of the media entrepreneur, and the elevation of digital commerce.

All through those changes, Brian’s company is still on top.

One of the aspects of business that I most wanted to discuss with Brian was how he attracts top talent to Rainmaker Digital (most of the executives in the company were top content marketing players before he recruited them) and how that affects the way he approaches building his team.

Since I believe that team-building between micro and small business owners will be a trend that picks up immense speed over the next year or so, this topic is extremely relevant to anyone doing business online today.

Speaking of trends, I also asked Brian what trends he saw coming in digital commerce. Since he’s recently founded the Digital Commerce Institute, he’s not just paying attention to trends but setting them himself.

If you’d like an unprecedented look inside a company at the forefront of digital commerce, this week’s episode of Profit. Power. Pursuit. is a must listen.

Pay close attention to how bootstrapping affected the way Brian built Rainmaker Digital, why they went through a recent rebranding, and what role collaboration plays in how the company grows.

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