What results are you creating?

Results. I love ’em.

Results often seem elusive. Despite the promises of info products, programs, courses, and blog posts, we are often left resultless. Maybe we don’t have all the same questions but we have plenty of new ones in their place.

Results are key. They help us meet our goals. They buoy our spirit when things get tough. They prove to others we’re not insane.

Results are becoming uncommon. “Daily grinding” often doesn’t produce results. Daily grinding produces distraction, complacency, and circular productivity. Are you really working towards an end? Or are you just working towards tomorrow?


Feeling stuck comes from ingesting. Creating a result comes from digesting.

Consider how you feel after you indulge in a lovely carb binge. Sedentary. Lazy. Heavy. Bloated.

Consider instead how you feel after you indulge in a delicious spinach salad with oil, lemon juice & all your favorite fixings. Buoyant. Energized. Ready.

Carb binging is ingesting – the focus is what’s going into your mouth and not what’s coming out the proverbial other end. It’s all or nothing on the intake and just nothing on the output. The pleasure comes from stuffing yourself more.

Eating fresh, clean food allows you to digest. You experience both the pleasure of every bite and the pleasure of feeling ready for what the world will throw at you. You are fueled.

When you truly digest your research, your work, and your analysis, you are able to create results.

What results are you creating right now? What results do you need to be creating?


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whatever happened to practice?

Static Vendetta Band Practice:  John

Whatever happened to practice?

Practice makes perfect, they used to say. Then they changed their mind, perfect practice makes perfect.

Ouch. That’s a lot of pressure.

Now instead of putting in your hour a day at the piano, with pen in hand, in the batter’s box, in front of the hoop, you’re supposed to do it right every time?

Again, ouch.

On top of that pressure for perfection during practice, there is the added pressure of being expected to perform because you have practiced.

It’s no wonder we look for the “right” answer before we even try.

It seems practice went out with the early ’90s.

You don’t have to be good at what you’re doing straight away. You don’t have to have the “right” answer. You don’t have to make all the best decisions. You don’t even have to have a plan.

You certainly don’t need a strategy.

You need to try. You need to practice.

I tell [my students] they’ll want to be really good right off, and they may not be, but they might be good someday if they just keep the faith and keep practicing.
— Anne Lamott, Bird by Bird

Do you hate that I don’t give you straight answers? Do you wish my posts had more bullet points and do-this-then-that instructions? Sorry. I don’t believe in them.

I believe in questions, in trying, in experimenting. I believe in coaxing you not-so-gently to practice your craft (and your business).

I believe in finding ways around your deepest felt assumptions, exploding them from the inside out.

I believe the only way you’ll be better at your “something” 5 years from now is if you start NOW.

What are you practicing? What will you give the ol’ college try? Opportunities for practice (not to mention trial & error) abound. Some ideas for this week:

  • new marketing tactic
  • completely different kind of blog post
  • cold call
  • warm call
  • coffee with a role model
  • coffee with someone who looks up to you
  • fresh offer to your list
  • rewriting your sales page

– – – – – – –

It’s time for the second session of The Art of Action! If you’re ready to practice with purpose, to engage your goals, to lose the fear & embrace momentum, I will whip you into shape in 6 weeks. Plain & simple. Check it out.

But don’t take my word for it:

Tara, honestly, this class has been life-changing for me. Doing what I love and getting paid for it has always seemed like a pipe dream. For the first time in my life, I’m taking my work and myself seriously.

I feel confident and capable and skilled. I believe that I can earn money doing the things I’m passionate about. And I give you all the credit for instilling that confidence!
— Brandy, Emergency Breakthrough

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