In a recent post, I remarked that everything in business is a choice. From how you price your offerings to the brand you create to the marketplace you sell in, everything can be determined by you.

Of course, we’re often less than intentional about these choices and that leaves us feeling backed into the nether-corners of business.

The same is true of our health. And entrepreneurship can be a heavy burden to bear on our overall well-being.

I spoke with Dr. Samantha Brody, a Portland-based naturopathic physician (and a client of mine!), about handling stress as an entrepreneur.

The two big takeaways I had from this chat were:

  1. I can be more in control of my own health when I better understand all the things that are stressing my body.
  2. I can choose to remove stress factors, even in little ways, to have a big impact on my overall health.

Watch this short interview above, or click here to view it in Vimeo.

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