I was pleasantly surprised to find an email from Stephanie Alford waiting in my inbox a few months back. When I opened it, I found about 1000 words detailing the enormous success she had achieved in her business over the previous 6 months: quadrupling her mailing list, launching 2 successful continuity programs, and earning her first 5-figure month.

Now, what you need to know is that Stephanie isn’t trained in marketing, she’s not selling business advice, and she doesn’t have a $1k coaching program. Nope, Stephanie dyes yarn.

She’s the chief fiber advocate behind Space Cadet Creations.

Stephanie’s success epitomizes the possibilities that come from loving your product, believing in your purpose, knowing your people, and getting creative with a brand that suits you. In our interview you’ll find out how she:

  • Created an ebook that become a viral marketing device, product education tool, and sales generator.
  • Prioritized taking a risk as an investment in the growth of her business.
  • Identified a trend & need in the market that she could capitalize on.
  • Stood out in a sea of competitors who offer the same thing she does.
  • Used a clever marketing idea to shift her relationship with customers & give them something with which to connect with each other.

Tomorrow, I’ll break down these points even further. Find my analysis here. But, for today, enjoy Stephanie’s story!

Visit Stephanie at Space Cadet Creations and follow her on Twitter.