Tara Gentile at Pioneer Nation

Stepping on stage is a thrill.

My goal is to make it just as thrilling to those in the audience.

I deliver high-level, high impact, high energy keynotes, presentations, and workshops for independent thinkers, future-focused professionals, and fiercely motivated students. My audiences are full of people set on expressing themselves through business in the New Economy.

“Caught Tara Gentile at #WISE2012 this morning–one of the best sessions in the 10 years I’ve been going.”
— Julie Briggs, Red Shoes Marketing
About The Art of Earning at the WISE Symposium, Syracuse University


Places I’ve been:

  • Pioneer Nation in Portland, OR
  • WISE Symposium at Syracuse University
  • Hello Etsy at the Smithsonian Portrait Gallery
  • World Domination Summit in Portland, OR
  • SXSW Interactive in Austin
  • Blogher in San Diego
  • Maryland Institute of Art in Baltimore
  • creativeLIVE in San Francisco

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Talks I’ve given:

  • Value Pricing & Business Models for Creative Entrepreneurs
  • Making Money Should Be Beautiful
  • Business in the You Economy
  • Young & Passionate Doesn’t Need to Mean Broke
  • The Psychology & Philosophy of Premium Pricing
  • The Art of Value(s)-Driven Marketing
  • The Art of Selling Through Email


[thst_one_half] Speaking & Workshops by Tara Gentile [/thst_one_half] [thst_one_half_last] Speaking & Workshops by Tara Gentile [/thst_one_half_last]

Topics That Electrify Your Audience

With every talk I give, I strive to electrify the hearts & minds of those listening. Think furious note taking, nodding heads, and cries of “Amen!”

Choose one of the topics below or allow me to tailor a message specifically for your audience:

The Art of Earning – making money in the You Economy is easier & more beautiful than you think
Making Money Should Be Beautiful – makers have a responsibility to themselves & the market
Philosophy of Social Media – go beyond the “shoulds” to understand the foundations
Business in the You Economy – what makes a 21st century business thrive

“Tara is on fire. She’s got a big message to share, and her speaking electrifies the room. She seamlessly threads her high-level principles together with immediately actionable ideas for her audience. My audience got so much out of her razor sharp insight, and I’m thrilled to have had her as a speaker at my event.”
— Ashley Sinclair
About Big Purpose & Little Details at Profit Catalyst, Portland

My brain fizzled and popped like a not-so-expired alka seltzer with all the advice and brainstorming that went on at the Art of Earning LIVE. There was not a minute that went by where one of us didn’t have an Aha! moment.
— Megan Eckman
About The Art of Earning LIVE, Philadelphia


Just a bit more about me.

My official bio:

Tara_editTara Gentile is a strategist that helps small business owners capitalize on their big ideas. She works with coaches, writers, doctors, designers, and many others to help them better understand their customers, make a bigger impact in those customers’ lives, and generate more revenue doing it. Her approach to business in the You Economy resonates with MBAs, PhDs, and graduates of the school of life.

Tara is the founder of CoCommercial–a coworking & learning space–in Astoria, Oregon. She writes frequently for DailyWorth, YFS Magazine, Design*Sponge, and creativeLIVE. Her work has been featured on Forbes, US News & World Report, and in the NY Times bestselling book, The $100 Startup. She’s the author of several popular digital guides including The Art of Earning, an Amazon bestselling book on Entrepreneurship.

Fabulous #rbbiz webinar with @taragentile this morning! Best session so far with practical tips and inspiring money mindset attitudes.
— Hannah O
About the Right Brainers in Business Video Summit, hosted by Jennifer Lee

I REALLY enjoyed your talk today about making money beautiful! You really made me think about my biz in the big picture!
— Cherkita Williams
About Making Money Beautifully, Hello Etsy at Smithsonian Portrait Gallery

Tara’s workshop was fantastic. Tara helped me remember to focus on the customer. I used her advice at a recent craft fair to engage in conversations with potential customers which not only brought them into my booth but allowed me to ask questions and learn so much more about what products they were looking for. This year’s fair was significantly more successful than last year’s and I’m confident that was because I implemented Tara’s training.
— Brenda Campbell, Angel Whispers Art
About The Art of Selling What You Make, creativeLIVE in San Francisco

I’ve been watching (and learning from) Tara Gentile for a few years now. She is a powerhouse, and has a way of speaking that makes you feel like she is speaking directly to you, and no one else. I admire everything she does, and proud to be one of her “pupils”.
Rene Shoemaker, fine art on silk – ReneShoemaker.com
About The Art of Selling What You Make, creativeLIVE in San Francisco

Book me.

To book me for a keynote, presentation, or workshop, contact general AT taragentile DOT com today. Let us know the time frame of your event and budget. We’d also love to know more about you & your audience!

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