When you’re setting up a business or even working hard to keep one afloat, you’re bound to reduce distraction whenever possible. You need focus. You need clarity. You need direction.

But in reducing distraction, we often turn away potential sources of inspiration.

Afterall, there are shiny objects that have real value. Yes, ladies, I’m talking about diamonds. And gold. And platinum.

Okay, there are actually plenty of shiny objects that have real value. Click to tweet that little nugget.

And there are rabbit holes that transport you to strange new worlds.

I’m adding “Mixed Metaphor Generation” to my list of services.

A rabbit hole is something that sucks you in – maybe a new blog, a museum, a city, a new friend – and you come back out bleary eyed and not a little changed. Normally you spend much more time in that rabbit hole than you really “meant” to. It’s time well spent – but it’s time nonetheless.

I spent much of the startup phase of my business avoiding rabbit holes. Often these were topics of interest or people associated with those topics. I felt drawn to these little tunnels. But I didn’t let myself get sucked in.

As my business has grown and learned to take care of itself, I’ve allowed myself the pleasure of going down a few rabbit holes. I’ve talked to the people & engaged the ideas I’ve had my eye on for quite awhile.

I’ve had discussions with deep thinkers, attended academic events, and traveled aplenty. I’ve reengaged subjects from my past like religion, politics, and current events. I’ve learned lessons I had been far too focused to learn before.

I discovered that there was a strange new world all around me if only I would take the focus off of the business for a moment.

I’ve embraced potential distraction as inspiration.

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Will that work for you?

It depends.

Is your business starting to feel a bit stagnant?
Need to add a splash of color and a hint of spice here and there? It might be time for a few rabbit holes. If not, examine whether you’re a master of keeping things interesting or a being pulled in too many directions to find your pivot point.

Is your business steady & supportive? Want to take a few risks and discover strange new worlds? It might be time for a few rabbit holes. If not, decide what systems you could put in place to make your business buzz along without you.

Is your business ripe for a challenge? Are your customers clamoring for new avenues to explore with you? It might be time for a few rabbit holes. If not, discover what needs you think you’re fulfilling but that your audience just isn’t feeling.

What rabbit holes have you been avoiding? Are you ready to dive in? Or do you need to stay focused for now?