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tara gentile on problogger3 Ideas for Moving Beyond List Posts: Creating an Experiential Blog
These posts my be more difficult to optimize for search engines but they are sure to engage your readers and elicit great comments. I’m betting you’ll see a nice little surge in social sharing, too! A foray into more “experiential” blogging might just give you the opportunity you’ve been looking for to reach a new level of connection with your audience. It has for me.

tara gentile on the daily worth(L)Earning What I’m Worth
I found myself drawn to writing and to my own creativity again. I began blogging, built a web presence, and learned web design. I learned everything I could about beginning a web business and I invested more time than my husband would have liked! Exactly a year after my daughter’s birth, I bought an existing business, with a loan from our credit union and a huge leap of faith.

craftypodYour Story is Everything
Tara is featured on Sister Diane’s popular podcast, The Craftypod to talk about marketing a craft business by harnessing the power of your own story.


i met tara at a very crucial time. i was wanting to take my website and, in fact, my art business to the next level. i needed a professional website/blog that was easy to maintain. i needed a bit of help focusing my offerings. i needed a stinkin kick in the pants and injection of confidence in myself and my unique talents. i got all of that and more from a person who gave me her undivided attention each time we spoke. that’s important. if you choose someone so focused on their own numbers, that they only see you as one….you’ll be disappointed. tara finds the balance. she gives 100% of her focus to each client in their allotted time. i feel like she has a stake in my successes and i am always eager to share them with her. i know she’ll help me when i’m ready to take my business one step further, too…and then another…and another….
Stephanie Corfee, visual artist & graphic designer

Tara Gentile puts ideas in your brain that won’t go away. They stick. These ideas will enhance your business in very profitable ways.
— Kate Gatski, Gatski Metal & The Steel Fork

I met Tara shortly after she launched Handmade in PA and we immediately clicked, both of us truly passionate about the handmade movement. Over a short period of time I have watched Tara create a connectivity in both a local (Pennsylvania) and national crafting community that focuses on deep, true life stories of why people become makers, their motivation, how that impacts their everyday and how we all can find our niches in not only the crafting community but in society. Phew! Is all of that true? Heck yes!
I had the opportunity to meet with Tara in person in Philadelphia, Reading and to show her my hometown of Pittsburgh. Each time we met, not only in person but over the interwebs, her insight and skill set have inspired me to implement new technologies and shift my thinking to include new perspectives.
She is a truly gifted woman, mama, and communicator, and I look forward to sharing ideas with her and making headway with goals for years and years to come.
— Carrie Nardini, I Made It! Market