Who Powers Your Business?

How to Electrify Your Customers and Co-Create a Better Business

After working with hundreds of business owners, I can tell you one thing–almost without a doubt–you don’t know your ideal customer as well as you think you do. Sure, you’ve done the demographic analysis, you’ve crafted a profile, you’ve done market research. But here’s what all of those things won’t tell you:

why your customer acts the way she acts, feels the way she feels, dreams the way she dreams, and talks the way she talks.

And that is the crux of why people buy what they do.

It’s why you can write copy that shines but doesn’t sell. It’s why you can create products that people get excited about but don’t buy. It’s why customer survey after customer survey tells you one when the truth is another (and you find out the hard way).

If you want to create marketing that builds trust & excitement, develop products that are no-brainer investments, communicate with your audience in a way that they understand, you need next-level customer development strategy.

Demographics and profiles can help you get started. But this is about leverage–creating a bigger impact with less effort–for both you and your customers.

Our goal, and the results my clients have seen from this work for years, is to create products, services, blog posts, emails, and sales copy that makes your customers feel like you’re talking directly to them. You’ll be serving thousands but each customer will feel like you’ve done the work just for them.

You will leverage your deep knowledge of who your customers are and why they do what they do to co-create a better business. They’ll help you develop products, craft marketing, shorten the sales process, and spread your message far & wide.

Join me for a day-long workshop in Portland, OR. We’ll uncover brand new ways of understanding your customers, discerning their desires, demystifying their worldview, and co-creating better businesses with them.

Our agenda:

Why is customer co-creation a vital part of business today?
Day-in-the-Life Product Development: Group Project
Empathy Mapping: Get Inside the Head of Your Most Valued Customers
Customer Time Warp: Understand Customer Readiness & Visioning to Create Product Opportunities
Content Strategy Plan: Develop Your Electrifying Message
Strategic Partnership Plan: Serve New Markets by Joining Forces

This workshop will give you 4 concrete new tools for understanding your Most Valued Customers as you never have before, creating products or services that electrify new & loyal customers alike, and co-creating a sustainable future-focused business plan with those you serve.

When: Saturday, March 2 – 9am-4:30pm
Where: Collective Agency, 322 NW Sixth Ave, Portland, OR
Who: LIMITED to 10 – coaches, designers, therapists, makers, developers, etc…

Tara Gentile is a brilliant business mastermind. Her insights are sharp, strategic and unique, and within just 30 minutes of speaking with her I had an arsenal of actionable ideas that would double my income.
Jenny Blake, author of Life After College

This is introductory pricing. This methodology is not new, the content is proven, but this format is a first. This is information & exercises only my private clients paying up to $500 per hour have had access to.

I am so motivated to create right now. I am not getting sleep there’s so much is coming out of my brain. I truly am so grateful you agreed to be my “business therapist.” You are just what the doctor ordered.
Rebecca Bass-Ching, LMFT, Disordered Eating & Trauma Specialist

About Tara Gentile

Tara Gentile is a business strategist for entrepreneurs making a difference through commerce. She’s a regular contributor to DailyWorth and a small business expert contributor to YFS Magazine. She was featured in the New York Times bestselling book, The $100 Startup, and named a Top Single-Voice Business Blog by bestselling author Jonathan Fields in 2012. Her philosophy on business in the You Economy resonates with PhDs, MBAs, and graduates of the school of life.