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Hi, I’m Tara Gentile.

I help small business owners bust through obstacles, set bigger goals, take decisive action, and accelerate growth.

You won’t find cookie-cutter formulas, fluff, or gimmicks here. I’m committed to showing you the reality of running and growing a company in the New Economy and helping you apply it to your everyday activities.

After 7 years doing this work and traveling around the globe to teach entrepreneurs like you, I have a pretty good idea of who you are. You’re driven and intentional. You’re smart and people-focused. You’re discerning and curious.

That set of qualities puts you at a unique advantage for building a small business, growing a movement, and achieving big goals. This is your time. This is your place.

Photo by Trevor Mark Photography at VenturePop 2016

Tara possesses this uncanny ability to authentically connect with her students, empowering them with real, actionable tools to help them overcome their obstacles to achieve success.  Although Tara might be teaching lessons to an audience of thousands, each student feels as if the instruction is customized specifically to them and their goals. With a combination of altruism, strength, inspiration, and most of all strong knowledge and experience working with solo-preneurs, and small business owners Tara’s effect on her students is infectious and inspiring.

Michael Karsh

Executive Producer of Content, CreativeLive

On the phenomenal wave of self-driven creatives and DIY entrepreneurs, Tara Gentile is a pro-surfer. She’s tuned in and she’s stepping up to lead. Not only is she in the know, Tara has that kind of star quality and down-to-earth boldness that make people not only gravitate to her, but believe in her when she shines her light on them.

Danielle LaPorte

Creator of The Desire Map

Tara is a natural leader with ambitious influence. Our entire team respects and admires her ability to drive results. I love that Tara is part of our world!

Sally Hogshead

New York Times Bestselling Author of Fascinate

The Profit. Power. Pursuit. Podcast with Tara Gentile

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The mission of Profit. Power. Pursuit. is to uncover the hard truths and nitty-gritty details of running a small business by providing in-depth conversations with successful entrepreneurs to emerging small business owners. 

This is, hands down, the best business podcast out there, especially for entrepreneurs! Tara is super smart, asks great questions, and keeps the conversation moving. I so look forward to every new episode!!

★★★★★ iTunes Review

Tara is full of brilliant insights, and she has a great way of drawing specific, useful information out of her guests in a way that not many other podcast hosts do. The quality of the guests is also extremely high caliber.

★★★★★ iTunes Review

Tara is a brilliant interview and entrepreneur herself, the show is excellently produced and easy to listen to, and the guests are all fascinating and come from across the board in the world of entrepreneurship.

★★★★★ iTunes Review