Get a fresh perspective.

Your customer’s perspective is the key to crafting the truly social, profitable business model that will:

  • Build a following of loyal, exciting customers.
  • Set you free from a business based solely on your time & energy.
  • Encourage you to create offers that sell easily & messages that spread rapidly.
  • Focus on scaling love and delivering stick-to-your-ribs value.

The Customer Perspective Process™ is my signature framework for understanding your business from a fresh perspective. It’s easy to get mired in the details of your own ideas, your own creative process, and your own business. But that won’t help you meet your goals.

You are damn good at what you do. Your business has the power to lead the industry. But until you shift into your customer’s perspective, your business is just one more fish in the sea.

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Or select an article below to dive deeper into what your customer’s perspective can do for your business.

What’s on Your Customer’s To Do List?

I’ve got a pretty good idea of what’s on your to do list today. I know you’re processing email, writing blog posts, crafting email marketing, meeting with clients, polishing sales copy, putting dinner on the table, and catching up on Downton Abbey. Read more…

Get Bigger Results by Thinking Smaller

It’s not often I ask you to think smaller. Today is one of those days. You have read everywhere, and rightly so, that one of the chief ways get traction for your brand is to sell people on your purpose, your larger vision. Read more…

Who Powers Your Business? The Answer Might Surprise You

Who powers your business? It’s easy to imagine that it’s powered by you: your passion, your ambition, your expertise. But a more sustainable power source for your business is the person who makes it work: your customer. Read more…

How to Find Needs & Desires That Scale

So you’re ready to create a new product or design a new collection. Further, you’re ready to take this baby to scale. It’s go big or go home.Read more…

Can Your Business Bring Love to Scale?

Often, clients come to me because they’re ready to go beyond serving one customer at a time. They’re ready to take their ideas to a bigger stage and a broader reach. They’re ready to scale. Read more…

What could your business do with a more social, more profitable business model?

The Customer Perspective Process™ teaches you and your business to:

  • Identify opportunities based on your customers’ needs & desires in a way that leads to massive impact
  • Evaluate your marketing, sales copy, and offers from your customers’ point of view to ensure success
  • Communicate in a way that allows your message to spread rapidly and easily
  • Apply your learning to content strategy, strategic partnerships, and your business model to create sustainable business growth

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