Nothing stifles your creativity like doubt.

Think you can’t? You won’t.

What separates you from those who succeed is not a staggering difference in ability; it’s the know-how to set aside uncertainty and embrace personal power.

What outside influences are you allowing to have sway over your ability to commit to your creative impulses?

What past experiences are holding you hostage?

Are you directing your inner monologue to keep you offstage?

You can’t hide when your business is powered by the “thing” you love.

Passion-driven businesses are built on the awareness of their own fanaticism.

Customers are attracted to the power you draw out of your own enthusiasm. Friends, too.

And when you’re comfortable with your own zealous tendencies, you’re more comfortable creating.

Create more: stories, branding, content, service, products, opportunities, relationships, wealth.

Personal power fuels your creative power.

It’s a beautiful cycle.