I’ve been lining up some great media mentions for the last few weeks. Luckily, they all came right as I’m making the final push for my ecourse, Between the Lines. Actually, they all came… today!

Each mention is thoroughly unique from the others, in each, I try to speak the language of the audience I’m writing to. 

All my life, I have desperately wanted to speak another language. I’ve always felt a bit trapped by English and a very self-conscious of the fact that, to travel abroad, I’m relying on others to have learned English. But, it’s just not something I’m good at. Memorizing – oh sure, I can do that with the best of them. But putting vocabulary into sentences and computing what others are saying… well, it throws me for a loop!

But, when it comes to communicating on the net, I consider myself bilingual – probably multilingual – and I think that is one of the great reasons for my success. I think I’m a pretty good web designer but I have a great ability to translate tech language to people in the creative community. Here are the three languages I’m speaking today:

  • Interview on Carmen Torbus’s blog – Here I’m speaking the language of the creative community. My goal is to explain my own inspirational process and bring inspiration to others. I won’t lie, I love this language – it comes from the heart and gets people moving & doing. What’s better than that?
  • Guest post on Problogger: Wow! What a thrill! This blog is literally read by millions of aspiring bloggers around the world. So that’s who I’m talking to — people who are trying to build a business around their own little spot on the net. Not all tech people, but definitely not a touchy-feely audience. My goal was to communicate the benefits of creating an “experiential blog” to people who are used to cut and dry, informative posts. Did I succeed?
  • My (l)earning story on the DailyWorth – Wow – this was a hard one to write. I let DW founder, Amanda Steinberg, know that I had quadrupled my earnings in just a few months and she was dying to publish the story. Yikes! Here my goal was to present my transformation and earning evolution to a group of women who are hungry for empowerment. In fact, this story sits nicely between Carmen’s interview and my Problogger post: it needed to be inspirational but at the same time lay out my story in a succinct, informative way. You be the judge!

If you’re coming from one of these mentions, thank you! This particular blog is written in many different languages, as the mood strikes. Sometimes it’s a family blog, other times I’m writing for entrepreneurs, and still more times I’m stepping on a soapbox – the thread tying it all together is telling the story of my business. I love the variety and I hope you do too!