Every craft needs a special set of tools. What kind of tool do you need to craft a meaningful life?

The guys, Ryan Nicodemus & Joshua Millburn, at TheMinimalists.com use “minimalism” as a tool for more meaningful living. While minimalism has become quite the trend, with everyone & their kid brothers selling their stuff and flying around the world with all their worldly possessions tucked inside a backpack, The Minimalists take a more measured, intentional approach to minimalism.

Don’t get me wrong, they’re not wishy washy! No, they’re just oozing with purpose.

Ryan & Josh have a new book out, Minimalism: Live a Meaningful Life, which lays out their philosophy alongside practical advice that’s helpful whether you choose to label your lifestyle “minimalist” or not. The book is at once personal and authoritative.

If you’re looking for big ideas on jump-starting the way you live, this is the book for you.

I had the pleasure of talking with one-half of The Minimalists, Ryan Nicodemus, about their purpose, the book, and the business of being a minimalist.

Listen below. Or download the 20 minute MP3 here. (right click then “save as”)


Here’s what we talked about:

  • How do you define minimalism outside of absolutes?
  • How do you discover for yourself what is “unnecessary” or “excess” in life?
  • How do you know when a “should” is worthy of becoming a “must?”
  • How do you manage a life of work-life integration instead of work-life balance?
  • Why has The Minimalists brand spread so quickly in a saturated market?
  • Does writing about minimalism and living a meaningful life have a shelf life? What’s next?

Pick up Minimalism: Live a Meaningful Life at Amazon, exclusively for Kindle.

PS Look for many more interviews here in the coming weeks! I’m calling them “Stories from the You Economy.” Who would you like to see me interview?