My friends and I are often left wondering: where are the men? Whether it’s at home, at the office, on the ‘net, or at events, there often seems to be a bevvy of intelligent, ambitious women and a real dearth of engaged, driven men.

We wonder if it’s the crowds we run with, the economy, or our locale. We theorize that men have been getting mixed messages for so long that they don’t know how to respond anymore. We question whether the fact that women now make up a larger part of the workforce means that men are truly succumbing to stronger women or whether they just feel lost in a sea of change.

Even though I might have had playground fantasies about a world where women rule the world, I don’t actually wish for men to be absent from society. I want to see men with nuanced understandings of women, balanced perspectives on men’s role in society, and, above all, respect for all those around them. But I want to see strong men, nonetheless.

Any economy where an entire gender is on the outs is an economy that isn’t functional and certainly not sustainable.

The emergence of the You Economy seems to be skewed in favor feminine energy. It’s our tendency towards intuition, connectivity, creativity, and nuance that allows us to thrive in this environment.

But it’s certainly not only the realm of the feminine. What do men have to offer in the You Economy? And how can women better collaborate with men to realize a more whole future?

I’m talking to Andy Fogarty, founder of the Masculine Evolution, about this very subject. I’m interviewing him in an hour-long teleclass on Monday, March 19, at 8pm EST. I’m asking:

  • Where are the men?
  • What’s the disconnect between what men have and what they really want?
  • How do men & masculine energy differ from women & feminine energy? What can we learn from these differences?
  • What should strong women know about collaborating with strong men?
  • This is a polarizing topic — what’s your advice for a strategic niche launch?

Andy and I both realize that there is room for much more than traditional masculine/feminine roles. Set aside questions of gender, non-gender specific roles. Andy’s niche audience is men who identify with traditional male energy & patterns of behavior but feel like there is something missing from their actualization. I’m interested in shedding light on this group and a woman’s ability to collaborate with them in the You Economy.

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