Marketing ReWired: Stop Getting the Word Out and Start Positioning Yourself Like a Pro

Marketing ReWired: marketing with purpose, people, position, and promotion

Stop trying to get the word out.

Start setting yourself up for success.

Marketing isn’t really about “getting the word out.” Promotion – shouting from the rooftops about what you have to offer – is only the smallest piece of what it takes for a business to get noticed.

Businesses that center themselves around a solid purpose, right people, and clear position start promotional chain reactions that result in more sales, more respect, and more loyalty.

You have something big to share.

You have great things to offer: big ideas & remarkable products. But you’ve felt silenced by the roar of the marketplace. It seems impossible to be heard on social media. The offline community seems impossible to break into. And traditional advertising and public relations are just too darn expensive!

You waffle back & forth between shouting louder and just trying not to care.

Great brands don’t shout.

They exist. They serve. They create.

  • Apple doesn’t shout. They challenge.
  • Lululemon doesn’t yell. They encourage.
  • HBO doesn’t shriek. They entertain.

The key isn’t in shouting louder, getting sneakier, or spending lots of money. The key is getting crystal clear on what you stand for, who you want standing with you, and where you want to take your stand.

“I’m shaking my You Economy pom poms for Tara — because the You Economy ultimately serves the collective of we. Conscious + self-empowered money makers = a more conscious world.”
Danielle LaPorte, author of The Fire Starter Sessions

Get clear.

When people know what they’re buying into,
it’s easier for them to make a purchase.

When people sense that you’ve made something just for them,
it’s easier to tell their friends.

When people get excited at the chance to do business with you,
it’s easier for them to come back for more.

“My brain fizzled and popped like a not-so-expired alka seltzer with all the advice and brainstorming that went on. There was not a minute that went by where one of us didn’t have an Aha! moment.”
Megan Eckman, artist & author of How to Outsmart Tea Pirates

Ideas drive purchases.

Business in the 21st century is all about ideas. We want better than average, more than mass made. We want connections to real people, experiences that make our lives full, and meaning that grounds us in our values.

Sometimes those ideas take the form of a service: life coaching, massage therapy, copywriting, health coaching, spiritual direction, organizing, etc…

Sometimes those ideas take the form of a product: jewelry, technology, home decor, clothing, tools, books, cars, etc…

But no matter what we’re buying, we buy to represent our deepest longings and most exciting possibilities. We buy what we relate to. We buy what inspires us. We buy what we aspire to.

Is that the message you’re sending your potential customers with your marketing?

“Tara explores many of the issues bootstrap and lifestyle entrepreneurs deal with with a wonderful blend of heart and soul meets pragmatic reality check, while leaving you with both things to think about and things to do.”
Jonathan Fields, bestselling author of Uncertainty

ReWire your marketing.

Marketing ReWired is a multimedia marketing workshop that walks you through crafting a marketing strategy based on your core purpose, right people, and solid position so that customer-driven promotion becomes easy.

The workshop includes:

  • 4, 20-30 minute workshop videos plus introduction
  • Audio tracks for each video so that you can listen again on the go
  • PDF of the slide deck for note taking & review
  • PDF workbook for creating your rewired marketing strategy

Marketing ReWired is $25.

About Tara Gentile

Tara Gentile workshopI teach, coach, write, and speak on 21st century business. I have worked with hundreds of You Economy entrepreneurs one-on-one, in programs, and in workshops. My thoughts on this new age of commerce are read by thousands every week.

I collaboratively create business strategies for MBAs, PhDs, and graduates of the school of life.

I believe that you are the engine of economic growth we’ve been waiting for. That’s why I create resources & products that allow you to push the commercial envelope.

If I hear, “How can I get the word out?” one more time, I might scream. Building a customer base is a slow & steady process and it most certainly doesn’t start with getting the word out. It starts with an intimate understanding of the why, who, and where your business exists in the marketplace. That’s what Marketing Rewired teaches you.

I couldn’t be more excited about bringing this digital workshop to you.

Grab your copy today for only $25.

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