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One of the biggest mistakes business owners make is waiting until the plan is written, the product is completed, or the website is designed to consider their “marketing.”

Marketing isn’t something that happens once the real work is done.

Considering your marketing, right from the beginning, helps you make decisions, conduct experiments, communicate with the right people, and set prices.

Imagine you’re buying a home. Of course, you want the right location, the necessary number of bathrooms & bedrooms, and a great kitchen. And of course, you make sure the furnace & plumbing are in working order.

But before you even purchase the home, you consider the resale value. How could you improve the layout? Update the details? Add outdoor living? What factors make the property likely to increase in value on its own? Location, location, location?

Buying a home is an investment not unlike starting a business or even developing a new product. While you’re understandably focused on your own immediate desires, you also want to consider where you’ll be in a year, 5 years, or 10 years. You’re looking down the line to make sure your investment is sound.

And that you’re truly prepared for the next phase of life or business.

The only time you don’t consider resale value, is when you don’t ever plan to sell.

The only time you shouldn’t consider marketing when you’re starting a business or building a new product, is when you don’t ever plan to sell.

Marketing isn’t about getting the word out, it’s about making sure you don’t have to.

Remember, marketing is only one part promotion. True marketing considers your business’ purpose, people, and positioning too. It lays a foundation for decision-making. It turns products into viral phenomena. It puts more money in your pocket.

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