Making Money Should Be Beautiful

Building a business is a phenomenal way to build wealth.

Now, wealth isn’t just about money. Wealth can also be measured in relationships, flexibility, and community. 

But if you’re not right with money, the health of those other pieces of the wealth puzzle probably isn’t as strong as it could be either.

That’s why I’ve devoted much of my work to exploring our relationships with money and how growing businesses affects those relationships. Here, you’ll find some of my favorite pieces and interviews centering on money. 

Read on:

Amanda Steinberg, founder of DailyWorth and WorthFM, and I talk about reprograming our money identities:

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My good friend Megan Auman, a jeweler and educator, talked about cultivating an investment mindset for your business:

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Melanie Duncan and I talked about why she’s passionate about creating more 7-figure businesses:

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Tara Gentile is on a mission to turn the small business owners of today into the economic powerhouses of tomorrow. She's the creator of Quiet Power Strategy®, a business design system and entrepreneurial family. She's also the host of Profit. Power. Pursuit., which Entrepreneur named one of the 24 top woman-hosted business podcasts.