As an individual, your learning curve is steep. Every decision, every next step, every opportunity is a first. It’s exhausting.

When we connect with others, each of our learning curves level out. Suddenly no decision in front of you is a first. No next step is a lonely one. No opportunity is too big or too scary. You can tap into the collective wisdom of the entrepreneurial tribe any time you need it.

The work is still yours to do, but the experiences belong to the group, accessible at any time.

Many of you have, as I do, very large goals. You see the success (perceived or real) of others and you want it for your own. What I have learned, directly from these same people, is that the truly successful business owners have asked for the help, opinions, and experiences of others to get to where they’re at.

To launch the product.
To write the book.
To make the speech.
To host the event.
To build the company.

It’s not that they haven’t supplied the bulk of the blood, sweat, and tears necessary to build their success; it’s that they’ve leveled the learning curve, sped up the process, and enjoyed their de facto entrepreneurial education more because they’ve surrendered to the support of friends, colleagues, and mentors.

I’ve slowly built a network of people who I can rely on to constantly level my own learning curve. From a media startup CEO to a jewelry designer to a DJ-turned-woodworker-turned-writer to an intuitive life-shifter to a leading role life coach… and many, many more. The faster I’ve accumulated quality connections, the faster I’ve climbed the hill.

When I wanted to leave web design in the dust and transition to digital products, I knew who to call. When I had questions about planning & leading my own event, I knew who to talk to. When I wanted to know how to hand over email to an assistant, I asked around.

No decision in my business is made in a vacuum.

Are you making your decisions in a vacuum?

You can connect with the people you need in a multitude of places. You can find people in your local community, on Twitter, on Facebook, through friends of friends. There is absolutely no excuse for not having an engaged & invigorating system of support in this day & age.

There is no excuse for allowing your learn curving to be so darn steep.

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Today, make an effort to ask for help, experience, or clarity. Whatever your “next step” is, involve someone else. Whatever “I’m just not sure” you’re facing, plug someone else into the problem.

And find the road ahead much more level.

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