My brain, your business: let’s talk.

Insight Intensive — LIVE

What would it be like to have your business questions answered, your energy amped, your focus clear & steady, your priorities organized?

That is the beauty of the Insight Intensive. It’s fast, furious, and oh-so-satisfying.

You’re a leader, a messenger, an artist. You see your work as service, your business as the vehicle for delivering truckloads of value. You were ready for results yesterday.

You understand that a business is nothing if it doesn’t serve a greater good.

All business is social entrepreneurship to you. All business has an obligation to create a legacy of sustainability, creativity, innovation, and service.

Businesses serve people. People do not serve businesses.

Yes, you are ready to serve. And be served.

I have coached & influenced hundreds of business owners over the last 3 years. I have observed where they’re falling short. I’ve studied how they’re surging ahead. I have insight into what it takes to thrive in the 21st century economy — in fact, I’m writing the book on it.

Insight Intensives allow me to distill all of my knowledge & intuition and apply it to your business experience in the quickest way possible.

Tara Gentile is a brilliant business mastermind. Her insights are sharp, strategic and unique, and within just 30 minutes of speaking with her I had an arsenal of actionable ideas that would double my income.

Jenny Blake, author of Life After College

These are real deal results. Straight & true advice. All wrapped in a philosophy of holistic wealth, transformative capitalism, and purposeful ambition. Here’s what I’ve accomplished for myself & my clients:

  • Coached client to focus her brand on her great work & let go of work that drained her. She devised, developed, and launched a program that serves as the calling card for her entire business and makes her tens of thousands of dollars each time it launches.
  • Empowered client to reclaim her original calling. She grew her readership by 50% in one month by writing about the things she feared writing about. She launched a digital guide as both a revenue stream and lead generation tool for her bigger ticket work.
  • Liberated dozens of business owners from unsustainable pricing structures, often doubling their prices and claiming a new market for their products.
  • Led client through birthing the coaching product she’s been waiting years to create.
  • Taught over 250 business owners to create, maintain, and leverage their own business websites in a program that has generated over $60,000 of revenue.
  • Wrote the book on generating true value, creating meaningful experiences through commerce, and merrily laughing your way to the bank all the while.

If you value straightforward, actionable, no-holds-barred strategy, an Insight Intensive is for you. If you are ready for a super-charged wake-up call, an Insight Intensive is for you.

I’m hosting a series of three LIVE, public calls. Each call will include 3 lightning pace Insight Intensives. That’s 9 entrepreneurs. Nine people who will receive mini-Insight Intensives for FREE.

The calls are May 21 at 8pm, May 22 at 3pm, and May 23 at 8pm (all times Eastern Daylight Time).

To grab a session, fill out an application. If you’re chosen for one of the 9 slots, you’ll work with my assistant to find a time you can be with me live on the phone with me — and those listening in.

This isn’t for the faint of heart. But it just might change your business — and your life. You in?

Apply now.

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After the final call on May 23, Insight Intensives will open for registration. You’ll have the chance to apply for your own, 75-minute session. An Insight Intensive is an investment of $500.

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I am so motivated to create right now. I am not getting sleep there’s so much is coming out of my brain.

I truly am so grateful you agreed to be my “business therapist.” You are just what the doctor ordered.

Rebecca Bass-Ching, LMFT, Disordered Eating & Trauma Specialist

Tara is like your Fairy God Mother, but BETTER! She doesn’t work on the surface, but digs real deep, to the point of discomfort even, which shockingly helped me admit + forgive + untangle all the messiness that wasn’t allowing me to move forward, from good to great.
Tara’s laser sharp vision + strategic pragmatism is core-shaking + so empowering. My session with Tara is single handedly the wisest move I’ve made for my creative business.

Mayi Carles