Insight Intensives – LIVE

Below are three quick-fire versions of my Insight Intensive calls. They feature laser focus on a problem or difficulty. I use my intuition & experience to zero in on barriers, misunderstandings, and limiting beliefs. I craft strategies & action items to make progress today.

In each of these calls, I’ve hot-seated 3 different business owners. Open your mind to making connections between their areas of opportunity and yours. It’s often easiest to make improvements when we break out of our business bubbles.

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Insight Intensive – ONE

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On this call:

    Holli from Thriving Consulting. She’s a CPA with over 9 years of experience. She wants to move into more consulting work and determine how she can work in her business full-time.

    Srinivas Rao from BlogCastFM. He’s a multimedia content specialist & the Larry King of the blogosphere. He’s ready to find the convergence point between his skills and in-demand work.

    Dr. Debbie Berebichez, the Science Babe. She’s a glamorous science siren with a PhD in physics from Stanford. She’s looking to create a product and enjoy some leveraged income.

Insight Intensive – TWO

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On this call:

    Meg Ward success coach at Be More Fear Less. She creates clarity around your unique strengths and empowers you to build a meaningful life based on what’s authentic to you.

    Stacey Brown, creator extraordinaire at Nisse Works. Her work is a manifestation of her belief that it’s our duty to make our own life & no one else’s.

    Kathryn Greene, designer & creative director at CloudLoveBaby. She’s on a mission to represent intentional, meaningful living through beautiful children’s goods.

Insight Intensive – THREE

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On this call:

    Melissa Dinwiddie, inspirationalist & world changer. She’s on a mission to create a movement around empowering people to follow their creative callings.

    Corinne Marasco grant writer & consultant at Imprimere Consulting. She works with non-profit organizations as a consultant & grant writer to make sure the people doing good work get the the funding they need to do great work.

    Kristin Noelle, trust tender. She believes that cultivating a lift of trust is at the foundation of reaching your goals.

The Syllabus

This is my mini-manifesto + workbook. You’ll find out the who, what, and how of the You Economy. You’ll also get my very own reading list and questions for you to answer to consider how your business can harness the You Economy to grow & thrive.

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