I’ve been developing my collaborative business coaching practice for two years now. I serve clients over a course of several weeks or months as we work towards clarity, understanding, and financial success.

I ask a lot of questions.

I guide instead of leading.

It’s a process, not a revelation. Although, revelations are bound to occur.

I’ve coached my entrepreneurial idea people through major branding decisions, launch strategies, market research, and content creation. They’ve shifted directions & mindsets. They’ve created book plans & comprehensive programs.

But I recognize that this isn’t the only way to work with people. Sometimes, what you’re looking for is not the slow burn but the fast-acting straight talk.

Trust me, I love that too.

Introducing Insight Intensives

Next week, I’m launching a new consulting offer: Insight Intensives. They’re 75 minutes all about you, your business, and my insight into where you need to go, what you need to do, and how you can maximize success on your own terms.

But before I release them into the wild, I want to give you THREE FREE opportunities to catch Insight Intensives in action. There’s still a bit of time to apply for one, btw!

Nine business owners will be selected to have a FREE 20-minute session – and you can listen in.

Here are the dates:

  • May 21 at 8pm Eastern
  • May 22 at 3pm Eastern
  • May 23 at 8pm Eastern

Want the details on these calls? As in – how the heck do you call in? Enter your email address in the box below this post (and if you’re reading this in your email… don’t worry – you’ll get the call in details!).

Join me for 3 days of business insight next week: enter you email address below to get the call in details on Monday, May 21.