What do you think of when you imagine someone with money, power, and influence?

If the answer doesn’t look, sound, or have a similar background to you, then we have a problem.

Of course, it’s natural that the people you think of or the image you conjure when you think of money, power, and influence wouldn’t appear like you.

They’re moguls. They’re born into it. They’re aggressive. They’re all buttoned up. They’re wheeling and dealing. They’re ego-centric.

And while we all know that all people with money and influence aren’t bad guys, it remains the pervasive image. It’s hard to aspire to become something when the image of our goal is so negative.

That’s why we, as small business owner and future leaders, need to work hard to find images of economic power and influence that we can aspire to.

Because we are the New Economy.

I firmly believe that the people our children will think of when they think of money, power, and influence will look, think, and sound a lot like us.

And I believe that as people with money, power, and influence, you and I can create much-needed change for our culture, communities, and government.

But we won’t do that without attaining some combination of money, power, and influence.

The good news is that it the path to money, power, and influence is more accessible than ever before. It’s so accessible that you’re already on it! You’re building your business, your company, your empire and impacting the way the global economy is evolving.

Here’s the thing, though:

Money, power, and influence aren’t things that are bestowed on us from some outside force.

We have to claim them.

That’s what we do at CoCommercial: we help today’s small business owners claim the money, power, and influence that will make them tomorrow’s economic powerhouses.

We provide a safe space to show up, practice using your power and influence in a supportive community, and discover the truth of what’s really working to grow businesses today.

On Thursday, June 1, we’re devoting a full day to claiming the money piece.

Our community is examining how building wealth in the 21st century is changing and how we can approach our businesses with a New Economy money mindset.

One of the people speaking at this virtual event is my own money mentor, Amanda Steinberg, founder of DailyWorth and WorthFM.

She agrees that the way we earn, spend, and save as the power to create change–and turn you into a leader. In her book, Worth It, she writes:

“More money means more choices.”

That can be the choice to donate to your cause, your candidate, or your community.

That can be the choice to take time off to organize a rally, a fundraiser, or a townhall.

That can be the choice to stretch your comfort zone and meet with other community leaders to discuss ideas for improving quality of life.

New Economy leaders make more money so these choices are available to them. And, in making these choices, they claim the power and influence to impact the world the way they want to.

If you’re ready to step into leadership, to claim more power and influence for yourself as business owner, and you are ready to manage your money and money-making to make that happen, you should join me for our first-ever virtual conference: The New Economy & Your Money.

CoCommercial members get in free–and it’s the only way to attend!

So claim your free 30-day all-access pass today and mark your calendar for June 1!

But even if you can’t join us: remember that the face of money, power, and influence is yours.

See you there!