I just love the look of a photoblog. So clean, so fresh, so c-s-s good.

So, since I purchased a new camera – the reason for too many minutes spent away from my real “work” – I decided I wanted to code a photoblog theme. Now, when you might spend time painting, writing in your journal, scrapbooking, or catching up with your favorite TV show, I was sitting in front of the computer coding for fun.

This photoblog theme took just a couple of hours to finish on the outside – thanks to some help from Justin Tadlock, the developer of the Hybrid Theme Framework, on my social sharing functions. And I’m really happy with the results. It’s clean & minimal – like any good photoblog should be. There is a dynamic element to the sidebar, showing thumbnails for the last 6 posts. The logo is done with CSS and I really dig the narrow sidebar & wide content area.

I’ll be releasing this theme as a free download soon. But before I do, I’ll like to get your perspective. What elements are missing? What do you like? What do you dislike? What do you think would be a good addition to this theme? Check out FOTOS here.

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Leave me your two cents in the comments – and recommend some photoblog faves of your own!