Whenever I get the itch to talk business with a friend, whenever there’s an answer that is just bursting out of me, whenever I have something to say dammit, I turn to a teleclass.

There’s something about jamming for an hour that just brings out the best in me — and offers something truly unique to those who listen in.

Over the last couple of years, I’ve perfected a system that generates sales, ups my credibility, and engages new customers each time I host a teleclass. And today I’m sharing it with you for free.

I don’t normally share detailed tutorials because I believe in experimentation over systems; I believe in “your way” over the “right way.” But I also believe strongly in the power of information, personal vision, and community to pave the way into truly transcendent commerce – and teleclasses are an easy-to-produce & highly effective way to engage all three of those things.

If you’ve ever wondered about how I create highly effective, highly profitable, and highly fun teleclasses, check out this comprehensive tutorial at Kick Start Labs.

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