I don’t want to be a cheerleader. I want to have the best business-building tools available. Why? You (and your business) deserve them.

So, I thought, why not show you exactly how we build personalized strategic plans for helping entrepreneurs double their revenue with less heartache and hassle?

Over 3 years ago, I created step-by-step system directly from the work I did with 1:1 clients. I was have the same conversations with clients (about how their customers think, about how to translate passion into effective content marketing, about creating business assets from high touch services, etc…). Those conversations turned into the Quiet Power Strategy™ Tool Architecture.

Each tool is a conversation between you and me. The questions I ask are all there. The lessons are all there. The insights are all there.

Each of our Quiet Power Strategy clients complete the tools for themselves and then bring them to their strategist and to me for individual feedback. We can dramatically shorten the process of 1:1 business coaching and planning–while maintaining or improving the results.

Making a powerhouse business is complex–there’s no getting around that. But there is a clear system for all the moving parts. We specialize in helping our clients navigate it with clarity and ease.

Here’s what it looks like. Click on the picture to download it.

Quiet Power Strategy™ Tool Architecture

You might be trying to do all of this on your own. We’re here to help.

Here’s the gist:

We start by figuring out what’s worked and what hasn’t. Sometimes that’s uncomfortable because we get real about numbers, energetic investment, and how much time it’s taken to get where you are. We help you see both past failure and success as information you can use to grow your business.

Then we determine your personal assets: your Quiet Power. That includes the messages you’re really passionate about, the questions you have unique answers to, and the skills you’re bringing to the table. You feel the wealth of everything you have at hand.

Next, we examine your customer. Not just who s/he is (you probably already know that!) but how they think. I help you read their minds like you never have before. You feel powerful.

Then we turn that into a smart-for-you business model. We look at how all the pieces fit together so that you get more results out of every action. You experience the relief of seeing–finally–how it will all add up.

Next, you focus. One of our clients’ favorite modules is choosing their Chief Initiative and putting a plan in place to achieve their 1 big goal (supported, of course, by many other projects and subgoals).

Finally, we turn things outward and create a plan for creating awareness about the offers you have in your business model and getting your message into the media–both large and small. You see your path to impact.

If this is the kind of in-depth business planning you need to do and you’d like to do it with the guidance of the Quiet Power Strategy team and me, this is the time to register. The next cohort (starts September 28) is already over half sold out.

Learn more and join us today!

P.S. Don’t forget! Everyone in the Fall 2015 cohort of Quiet Power Strategy gets a ticket to the first ever Quiet Power Strategy Summit in Portland, OR April 30-May 1, 2016.

P.P.S. Want to incorporate these tools and this training into your own business? Maybe you’re a life coach, a copywriter, a web designer, or other business-to-business professional looking to add strategic services to your offers? We have a few spots open in our Quiet Power Strategy Business Strategist Training program. It starts next Monday–so check it out now!