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Hi, I’m Tara Gentile, and after working with entrepreneurs for over 7 years, I’ve discovered there are 5 key focus areas that produce massive results in businesses. But which one is right for you? I’ll tell you!

Sally Hogshead, CEO of How to Fascinate

Tara is a natural leader with ambitious influence. Our entire team respects and admires her ability to drive results. I love that Tara is part of our world!

Sally Hogshead
CEO, How to Fascinate
New York Times bestselling author of How the World Sees You


Building a thriving business takes more than passion. I’m committed to bringing you the strategy, behind-the-scenes information, and grit that goes into creating the influence, impact, and income you crave.

Go Behind the Scenes

Tara talks with top creative & idea-driven entrepreneurs to find out what it really takes to run a thriving business on the Profit. Power. Pursuit podcast.

Learn & Grow

Read articles on social media, online marketing, sales techniques, pricing, product development, business strategy, and more.

Business Classes

Tara has over 120 hours of business and marketing training available at CreativeLive. Learn sales, content marketing, and branding at great prices.

Engineer your next business breakthrough.

No matter what stage of business growth you’re in, there is always another obstacle to tackle. I have a passion for helping small business owners discern their next steps and create plans for massive results.

That’s why I created Quiet Power Strategy™, a collective of ideas and business experts all focused on helping you bridge the gap between where your business is now and where you want it to be. Whether you need help connecting with more of the right people, holding on to more of the money you make, setting yourself free from your business, or creating focused action plans, we can help.

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