Group Coaching: for fresh entrepreneurs

Just because you build it doesn’t mean they’ll come.

Building a business requires building a community.
You need an engaged group of people (users, customers, participants, early adopters… a rose by any other name) to make your vision come alive.

The super good news is that you don’t need millions of fans to run a thriving business. Small is great: agile, powerful, sustainable.

Business owners who create a loyal & engaged community around their passion feel supported by their customers & peers, make more strategic decisions, and generate more sales over time.

That’s the kind of business you envisioned when you took the first steps towards doing your own thing. That’s the kind of business you desire today. That’s the kind of business I want for you.

Passion. Productivity. Profit.

Passion, productivity, and profit are the 3 pillars of my business. They’re my mantra. And yes, just like everything I do, they play a key role in the way I teach community building:

Passion. Position yourself as a leader of what you love.
Productivity. Create the environment that gets people inspired & motivated.
Profit. Develop a community that cares enough to invest in your shared vision.

Why is building community a key component for online business?

Online businesses – and solopreneurs, in particular – rely on vibrant communities to share, develop, and enhance their offerings. And, of course, they rely on those same communities to buy what they’re selling.

  • Loyalty is an easier way to generate income than fecundity.
  • Social proof is necessary for growth over time.
  • Participation is a key way to inspire action.
  • Community amplifies your actions to help realize your vision.
  • Strong engagement allows you to focus on quality over quantity.

Effective community building turns the insecurity around your big ideas into confident strategy. It creates a platform for you to lead & direct according to those big ideas and your inspired vision.

CitizenU is a small group mentorship to support you in building a community that builds your business.

You’ll have the accountability of a loving group of peers. You’ll learn concrete “how to’s” that have worked for me & others plus you’ll receive coaching on what could work for you.


This is a LIVE mentorship program delivered in a series of 4 calls plus one open wrap-up call. There is also a private Facebook page to facilitate feedback & conversation among your co-participants & I.

All calls are Wednesdays at 8pm Eastern.

January 11 – Communities are built with shared purpose. What’s yours?
January 18 – Communities require a leader. What kind are you?
January 25 – Communities thrive on participation. How will you engage & inspire?
February 1 – Communities desire forward progress. What will you propose?
February 8 – open coaching call

Each call – 90 minutes, LIVE – will include teaching, guided brainstorming, an exercise to complete live on the line, and individual question & answer time.

All calls will be recorded.

You’ll also receive extra exercises & homework to complete between each call. You should expect to treat your commitment to this program just as you would treat your commitment to a one-on-one coaching program.

Is CitizenU for you?

I’m looking for 12 – no more, maybe less – fresh entrepreneurs to create this mentorship group. This is as close to one-on-one coaching as you can get with me without the one-on-one price tag.

Fresh entrepreneur =

  • someone with a bold idea but no idea how to execute it
  • someone who’s been giving the “business thing” a try for awhile but not gaining traction
  • someone who is struggling to create an engaged community OR a peer tribe

This program is for you if you’re willing to ask the big crazy questions that have been rattling around in your brain, if you’re in need of a peer group to take your ideas to the next level, and if you desperately want passion-driven business that supports – and is supported by – a thriving community of equally passionate people.

So what’s the investment?

The investment for this program is $500.

To work with me one-on-one, the cost would be $2125 for the same amount of time – so you save over 75% off the 1:1 fee. Plus, you have the benefit of the congregation & accountability of a peer group doing similar work with equal passion.

You will see a community form around you even as you are building your own.

If you’ve been considering one-on-one coaching but want the most “bang for your buck,” it doesn’t get better than this.

Two ways to reserve your spot:

Pay in full today.

Pay in 2 payments of $250 – one due to register and one due by January 6.

There are only 12 seats in this program. When they’re gone, they’re gone (until next time, of course!). I need to keep the number enrolled extremely low so that I can deliver the support & care that each participant deserves.

Ready? Reserve your seat!

Reserve your seat:

Are you all in?

Want to do group coaching and attend my live workshop in Philadelphia in February? Good call. Do both for an additional $750.

Reserve your seat:

Praise for Tara’s Coaching

In a few short weeks, with Tara’s coaching and guidance, I’ve turned over what I knew about my business, dumped it out on the floor, picked out the good bits, discarded the riff raff, and am rebuilding with a leaner, cleaner vision. She’s natural at this stuff.

If you are ready to climb, you can’t ask for a better Sherpa.

Victoria Prozan McGlinn
Prozan McGlinn

Tara is like your Fairy God Mother, but BETTER! She doesn’t work on the surface, but digs real deep, to the point of discomfort even, which shockingly helped me admit + forgive + untangle all the messiness that wasn’t allowing me to move forward, from good to great.
Tara’s laser sharp vision + strategic pragmatism is core-shaking + so empowering. My session with Tara is single handedly the wisest move I’ve made for my creative business.

Mayi Carles

Praise for Tara’s Teaching

Tara is on fire. She’s got a big message to share, and her speaking electrifies the room. She seamlessly threads her high-level principles together with immediately actionable ideas for her audience. She’s generous, genuine, and accessible – a true advocate for the entrepreneur, in every sense of the word. My audience got so much out of her razor sharp insight, and I’m thrilled to have had her as a speaker at my event.

— Ashley Sinclair, Self Activator


You will receive access to my BRAND NEW (not yet released!) Email Marketing Kick Start program. 30 days to an email list that drives results. (a $97 value).

You’ll also receive a copy of my digital guide, The Art of Earning (a $25 value).

Earnings Disclaimer: The income examples on this website are just that – examples. They are not intended to represent or guarantee that everyone will achieve the same results. You understand that each individual’s success will be determined by his or her desire, dedication, background, effort and motivation to work. There is no guarantee you will duplicate any of the results stated here. You recognize any business endeavor has inherent risk for loss of capital.

Refunds: Cancellation & refund for the program must be requested by January 6. No refunds will be granted after that date.