The only way to do great work is to love what you do.
– Steve Jobs, 1955-2011

What is the future of work? If the Creative Class is not a lie, if the jobs really aren’t coming back, what does it mean to be “employed” now? 5 years from now? 15 years from now?

That’s what I wanted to talk to Dr. Susan Bernstein about. Susan is both an MBA and a PhD. She studies the way we work in relation to the [dis]connection between our minds & our bodies.

She wants your work to not only tickle your brain but to feel good in your body.

In short, Susan believes that it’s not so much about finding the perfect job nor is it about everyone quitting organizational employment to work for themselves (even I agree with that!). Instead, she wants you to discover the skills that turn you on, mentally & physically, and then to match those skills with problems that need to be solved.

Even the playing field between those who want to work and those who need work done.

I love how she talks about skills. I think it relieves the pressure one feels when “trying to find her passion.” It’s not finding the one thing that is your passion – it’s discovering how work can make you feel passionate. See the difference?

Watch the video and then tell me:

What do YOU think is the future of work?

Susan is currently running a HUGE series on discovering & utilizing your own Kick Ass Confidence. Highly recommended.


Disclosure: Susan is my client. But she’s awesome and has a fascinating point of view. You don’t mind, do ya?


I dedicate this post to Steve Jobs. His work changed my work. And my life.
Thank you, Steve.