you’re invited to the party!

Every so often, I get out of my cozy home office & yoga clothes and venture around the United States to spread my message. Please join me!

San Diego, August 4-5

Megan Auman, Tara Mohr, and I will be presenting a panel discussion on creating digital products based on your blogging efforts. This will be a new topic for many on this ginormous conference and we’re excited to expose a whole new group to the power of owning your story & expertise!

Blogher Handmade at The Creative Connection Event
Minneapolis, MN, September 16-18

Megan Auman and I will be talking about monetization & revenue stream strategies for creative businesses. This is going to be a small but powerful dose of thriving artist paradigm shifting.

The Art of Earning LIVE – Teahouse Studio
Berkeley, CA, September 24-25
The Art of Earning LIVE
Philadelphia, PA, February TBA
The Art of Earning LIVE
Pittsburgh, PA, March TBA

This workshop will bust the myth about the need to be a starving artist. We will discuss how creativity is the most in demand skill on the planet and how you can “get right” with what that means for your pocketbook. This workshop will be informative & interactive – and maybe just a little gut churning. Leave your money hang ups at the door and learn how to embrace your personal worth as an artist (of any sort!).

Want to bring The Art of Earning LIVE to your city? Email my business manager, Carrie (carrie at scoutiegirl dot com) for details.