Entrepreneurship gets in your blood. It’s a thrill, building a business and being in charge of your own enterprise. It can be a hard habit to break.
— Carol Tice, Will Today’s Entrepreneurs Ever Retire?

You’ve heard it before: I love my work so much I would do it for free! Okay, maybe.

How about: I love my work so much I would do it forever! Ouch.

When you’re driven by passion and a big, bold mission, it’s hard to imagine yourself not working until your last breath. Or is it? It’s harder still to imagine a plan for working yourself out of a job when you’re struggling to stay in control of your current business plan.

But planning for retirement – or, at the least, that time when you might want to have more fun – is an important part of your long term goal setting.

How would you make business decisions differently if you knew what retirement looked like?

How do you envision retirement as of today?

  • Sipping cocktails on a far off island beach?
  • Hardcore philanthropy?
  • Ceaseless travel?
  • Going back to school?
  • Ease, rest, and relaxation at home?
  • Work as fun instead of working to fund fun?

Bottom line: you’re not building a business or income stream just for today or tomorrow. You’re building a strategy for long term gain and satisfaction.

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