Allow me, for a moment, to speak for my generation.

President Obama, Governor Romney, members of Congress:
We don’t want your economic recovery.

We want a real change. We want to embrace the recession for what it is: an opportunity to recreate this economy from the ground up.

We want to redefine the American Dream. We want to reinvent our values system.

We don’t want your manufacturing jobs, your easy credit, your handouts, your false sense of security.

We’re seeking true freedom. We’re making our own choices. We’ll do what it takes to live a fulfilling life on our own terms.

We’ve watched our parents & Gen X friends suffer through debilitating credit card debt, underwater mortgages, and forced productivity at jobs they hate. We’re tired of unsustainable consumer spending, work habits, and family lives. Frankly, we want something more. And we’re willing to try and try again until we figure out what that is.

We’re not alone. We Millennials don’t want your economic recovery but neither do the countless Boomers and Gen Xers who have been waking up to new possibilities for decades. All of us, we’re ready to make different choices. But those choices won’t create your economic recovery.

We refuse to be bullied back into the past.
We’re here to claim the future.

We’d like your help. But you’ll have to talk with us, listen to us, collaborate with us. We don’t things any other way. But if we don’t get your help. We’ll build it ourselves.

Would you, could you, consider a new strategy? Would you, could you, listen to the countless individuals who are speaking up against your status quo politico-economic pandering and choose a different path?

Would you, could you, help us create the future we want to live in?

President Obama, Governor Romney, members of Congress: what say you?